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35+ Examples of Social Proof You Can Start Using Today

Are you looking for the best examples of social proof that you can use to drive more sales and conversions?

Social proof can be a powerful tool. It builds credibility and can give you an instant boost in revenue. But one of the most common questions online business owners ask is, “What types of social proof exist, and how can I best use them on my site?”

That’s why, today, we’re going to give you over 35 social proof examples that you can start putting on your website now.

Since this will be such an in-depth resource for online social proof examples, we’ve broken it up into 3 categories:

But before we start, let’s get clear on what social proof is and how it can help your company grow.

What Is Social Proof?

Social proof is a concept in marketing that suggests people are more likely to buy from you when they see other people approve of your brand in some way.

It leverages FOMO (“fear of missing out”) by showing consumers all the positive benefits people get from your brand, product, or services.

This nudges your other site traffic to take the actions you want them to in order to reach your marketing goals.

As you’ll see, there many types of social proof, such as showing:

  • Consumers making live purchases
  • Large email subscriber lists
  • Social media likes, shares, and follows
  • YouTube video views

And much more. Again, we’ll be covering all of this in more detail in just a moment.

But one of the most effective forms of social proof is notifications. These are small messages that display on your website when a user positively interacts with your brand. They look something like this:

TrustPulse demo for Shopify live sales notification

The best part is that you don’t need any coding skills or technical experience to build these social proof notifications. And that’s all thanks to social proof plugins like TrustPulse:


TrustPulse is the world’s #1 social proof plugin and software that brings social proof notifications to any website.

It’s super easy to set up, design, and launch social proof notifications. You can create targeting rules to make specific messages for certain pages of your site, show individual or group activity (which we’ll cover below), and link to whatever activity you’re tracking.

That way, your site’s visitors will be more motivated to take a similar action with your site.

So whether you want to grow your email list, gain webinar attendees, or make more sales, social proof notifications are a powerful tool you should be using.

With that said, let’s dive into our list of the 35 top social proof examples you can start using to boost conversions today.

35+ Social Proof Examples You Can Use Today

Social Proof Notifications

1. Individual activity: We’re starting the list with a general type of social proof notification that you can display on your website. This is an individual activity and shows when a single person has taken some action on your site:

Magento live sales notification_

Individual activity notifications can be used with any of the following social proof notifications on the list, with the exception of the next one.

2. Group activity: Unlike individual activity notifications, group activity messages show when large groups of people take the same action on your site:

This is an awesome type of social proof that you can use for popular promotions, email subscriptions, webinar sign-ups, and more.

They’re super effective because they display just how popular your brand, product, or event truly is.

3. Recent sales notifications: This specific type of message lets users know any time someone has made a purchase on your site:

Squarespace social proof notification demo

This is a great form of social proof for eCommerce stores. As we mentioned before, we’ve seen recent sales notifications give an instant boost in sales of up to 15%.

4. Low-stock notifications: Do you have a popular item starting to run out of inventory? If so, you may want to let your audience know about it with a low stock notification:

Low stock notification woocommerce demo

This ensures that your potential customers don’t miss out on the item they’ve been looking for.

5. New email subscriber notifications: These types of messages are a great strategy for growing your email list. As your audience sees how popular your monthly newsletters are, they’ll be more inclined to join.

6. Webinar registration notifications: Webinars are, without a doubt, one of the best ways to drive more sales for your company. That said, getting new attendees can be tough. That’s where webinar registration notifications come in handy:

TrustPulse promote your webinar demo recent activity campaign

These messages let your online audience know that they won’t be the only attendee joining your online presentation. As a result, you get loads of new registrations.

7. 3rd party review notifications: Not every interaction with your brand takes place on your actual website. Sometimes, you get reviews from sites like Google My Business and Yelp. In that case, why not redirect your site’s visitors to see those stunning reviews?

social proof notification demo for yelp review

These social proof notifications can drastically increase your credibility, especially since the glowing reviews come from a neutral 3rd party site.

8. Survey response notifications: Just like getting new webinar registrations or email subscribers, it can be challenging to get people to respond to your surveys.

That’s why you can make a survey response notification for any survey forms on your website.

This will inspire other people to fill out your survey form, which means more user-generated data for you.

Hopefully, you’ve started to see a common thread: you can create social proof for nearly any interaction users have with your brand online.

And with TrustPulse, you can create these campaigns in a matter of minutes with no coding skills required.

That way, you can spend more time and energy on other parts of growing your business while your social proof notifications run on auto-pilot.

Want to check it out? Sign up for your risk-free TrustPulse account today.

Now, let’s turn our attention to another type of social proof: the kind you can display on your web pages.

Social Proof Examples for Your Website

9. Written testimonials: If you’re looking for multi-functional social proof examples, there’s no better option than a written testimonial. These usually go into more depth as to why a user loves your product or service and provides other potential customers with the confidence they need to buy from you.

Here’s a great example of using testimonials from OptinMonster:

optinmonster testimonials page

You can use these on your website, in your social media strategy, or in your email campaigns. If you’re not using written testimonials to boost sales, you’re likely leaving tons of money on the table.

10. Video testimonials: Much like written testimonials, video testimonials are an incredibly valuable resource for your marketing strategy. These tend to convert even better than written testimonials because the visual aspect adds more credibility.

Any time you can put a face behind the words, your social proof will have a much higher impact on your audience.

11. Audio testimonials: This is less used than written or visual testimonials and is more likely something you’ll find for radio advertisements and podcasts.

The type of testimonial you choose will likely depend on where your audience consumes your content.

That said, if your podcast is posted on your website, you can add audio testimonials before, during, or after each episode plays.

12. Quick quotes: You’ve likely seen this on many websites you’ve visited in the past. Quotes are the perfect way to quickly boost credibility with your site’s visitors.

Here’s an example from a popup form for Beaver Builder that uses a quote to get more engagement:

Social proof example using a quote

The more well-known the reference is, the better. But even adding a small photo can go a long way in making quotes a powerful social proof example.

13. Displays of past clients: On the homepage for most websites, you’ll likely see a section that displays the company’s previous clients:


This lets you borrow social proof from other company brands. When done ethically (meaning they’re actually your former clients), this can be an effective form of social proof.

14. High-profile guest posts: You likely know about guest posts for content marketing purposes. They help you get more site traffic from other sources and, usually, help build backlinks. That said, they can also serve as a great form of social proof.

If your guest poster is well-known, it speaks volumes about your brand’s authority within your niche.

Any time you can get a guest post, even a short one, from a popular persona in your niche, it can build loads of trust with your audience.

15. Recent Publications: On the flip side, where have you or your brand been guest posting recently? One of the strongest forms of social proof is showing that you’ve written articles or posts for other popular publications:

If you can get your articles accepted to big-name online publishers like the Inc. or Forbes, you’re sitting on an excellent form of social proof.

16. Expert approval: This is like a high-end quote from an expert in your niche. If you can get someone well-known in your area of business to speak positively about your brand, product, or service, that’s one of the best forms of social proof you can put on your website:

Neil patel social proof example

Again, the key here is that the person providing the quote needs to be an absolute expert within your niche.

17. Influencer endorsement: Similar to expert approval, an influencer endorsement can go a long way in boosting sales and conversions for you. However, the difference is that the person giving the endorsement doesn’t need to be an expert.

They simply need to be popular.

A good example of this is when the podcaster Joe Rogan off-handedly endorsed Bernie Sanders for president. Joe Rogan is not a political expert, but even his casual endorsement caused news headlines and loads of controversy.

The reason? He has a huge audience who trusts his opinion, even knowing that he’s not an expert in that particular field.

18. User metrics: This is the perfect social proof example to use on your website. You can display how many users your product or service has helped. Here’s a great example from OptinMonster:


This works best if you’re well-established and have lots of people who have used your services.

19. Best selling products: If you want to boost sales, you can display your best selling or top rated products to boost social proof. When website visitors see that other people are enjoying certain items, they’ll be more comfortable making a purchase themselves.

You can easily display best selling products on any landing page with SeedProd.


SeedProd is the best landing page builder for WordPress and it comes with custom WooCommerce blocks.

best selling products block seedprod

Simply drag the Best Selling Products block and drop it onto your page. You can also display top rated products, sale products, and more.

20. On-site reviews: Many websites will have forms that let people leave them direct feedback or reviews. This can be through a form on a web page or, often, in a live chat.

Either way, you can take screenshots from these positive reviews and post them on your website.

21. Blog post comments: Have you ever been the first one to show up to a party? It’s usually a bit uncomfortable until other people arrive. The same is true for blog post comments.

The more people you can get to interact with your content, the more people will feel comfortable leaving comments, too.

Once you get that flywheel started with some social proof, you can start consistently bringing in more blog post comments.

22. Number of email subscribers: If you’re trying to grow your email list and already have lots of subscribers, why not let people know about it? Adam Enfroy does this frequently as part of his strategy to continuously grow his list:

social proof examples with email subscriber count

Again, showing people how many people are receiving your emails instantly makes the content appear more valuable. As a result, you’ll get loads more signups.

23. Number of unsubscribers: Rather than showing the number of subscribers on your list, you may want to add the number of unsubscribers (if it’s relatively low):

Listing unsubscribes social proof example

This is a good way to show that not only do you have a large email list but that people really love consuming the content you produce.

24. 3rd party review sites: We already talked about using 3rd party site review notifications as a social proof example. You can also take screenshots or quotes from these review sites and post them directly on your homepage.

Having a neutral logo from a 3rd party site can create a lot of trust with your own audience.

Now let’s turn our attention to social proof examples from social media and platforms like YouTube.

Social Proof Examples from Social Media Platforms

25. Online contest shares: Though online contests aren’t technically a social media platform in themselves, they’re usually widely spread via sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

We also recommend using an online giveaway contest plugin like RafflePress:


RafflePress is designed to help your online contests go viral. As part of the submission form, you can display the number of entries you’ve had for your contest:

Contest entries as social proof

This type of social proof is great for getting more exposure for your brand, building your list, and getting a larger following on social media.

Ultimately, this means driving more sales.

26. Social media shares: If you write a post on social media that begins getting a lot of shares, you’re bound to capture more of your audience’s attention. That’s because your audience can use this as a metric to indicate the content is worth viewing.

Plus, once you start getting a few extra shares on your post, you’re likely to get even more as the post gains exposure.

27. Social media followers: When you’re trying to grow your social media presence, it can be tough at first. But like the old saying, “It takes money to make money,” it also takes followers to get more followers:

social proof examples of followers

That’s because your follower count is an indicator of social proof that can motivate people to join your online community.

28. Social media likes: Similar to the last two social proof examples, having a post with tons of “likes” can go a long way in reaching more people online.

When people see a post, they may quickly glance at the content. But if they see it’s been liked by hundreds of people, they’ll likely go back and read the post in more depth.

29. Social media shoutouts: Twitter and Facebook have become two great resources for harvesting social proof. If someone speaks positively about your brand online, you can collect these testimonials from social media and display them on your website.

With a plugin like Smash Balloon, you can easily embed an entire feed of social media shoutouts anywhere on your site.

smash balloon twitter feed pro

For example, with Smash Balloon’s Custom Twitter Feeds Pro, you can display of feed of tweets that mention your account.

Here’s how it looks:

twitter feed of testimonials example

The feeds are highly customizable as well, so you can decide exactly how you want your social media shoutouts to look.

You’ve likely seen many sites do this as a form of social proof, and for good reason: it works!

30. Social media engagement: This form of social proof is a mix of the last few examples we looked at: how are people engaging with your brand? When people check out your social profiles, they likely won’t be influenced by just one of the social proof examples we’ve covered.

Instead, they’ll take everything into account, such as your follower count, how popular your posts are (from likes and shares), and how many people are discussing your brand online.

If you can boost your social media engagement as a whole, you’re looking at a massively powerful form of social proof that can bring you new leads and drive more sales.

31. YouTube subscribers: YouTube is so much more than just a video sharing platform. It’s a way for you to share your knowledge and drum up new business for your online store.

Just like social media platforms, though, your subscriber count will go a long way toward getting people to trust your brand:

youtube subscribers for social proof

Like all the other forms of social proof we discussed today, getting started can be tricky. But with each new subscriber you obtain, it becomes all the easier to get the next one.

32. YouTube video views: Moving away from your channel, you may try to promote specific videos to a segment of your audience. The more video views you already have can greatly impact the number of people who decide to watch, too.

33. YouTube video likes: Just like your social media posts, getting likes on your YouTube video is crucial. This form of social proof doesn’t just indicate that people watched your videos; it’s proof that they liked it:

WPBeginner social proof youtube video likes

When it comes to social proof examples for YouTube, the number of likes your video has ranks very high on the list.

34. YouTube video comments: Another form of social proof on YouTube is the number of comments your video can produce. Remember that the goal for your brand is to connect with and engage your audience.

Comments under your video show a higher engagement rate and, as a result, inspire other people to leave comments, too.

Once people leave a comment underneath your post, you have an excellent opportunity to nurture that lead into a new customer.

35. Podcast subscribers: When it comes to social proof examples, podcasts don’t get a lot of attention. Though they probably should. That’s because podcasts have quickly become one of the most popular forms of content.

One thing people may look for is how many subscribers your podcast has. Just like with YouTube, the more you have, the easier it is to get more!

36. Podcast downloads: Another metric for social proof on podcasts is how many downloads you’ve acquired. You may not have a ton of subscribers, but certain episodes may have high download rates.

You can display this to get more subscribers to your podcast and more exposure to your brand.

And that’s it! These are over 35 social proof examples that you can start using today.

Though you may not be able to use all 36 at the same time, we encourage you to go back through the list and see which ones would most help your company’s goals.

We hope you found this article helpful. If so, you may want to check out the following posts:

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Ready to get started with the best social proof plugin on the market? Sign up for your risk-free TrustPulse account today! 

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