TrustPulse Cookies Statement

Below you will find an exhaustive list of the cookies used by TrustPulse to personalize your visitor’s experiences with our campaigns.

Cookies are not used externally (3rd party) for any purpose. They are specific to your site and allow for personalization based on your visitor’s interaction with your site.

_tpapp: used for identifying a unique TrustPulse Session. Duration: 30 days

tp-shown-notifications: A running list of the IDs of the Notifications that have been viewed by the user. Used to keep their place between sessions and loop notifications when the Loop setting is enabled. Duration: 2 weeks

tp-shown-widgets: The IDs of Any Campaigns viewed. Used to prevent analytics from registering multiple views for the same campaign. Duration: 2 weeks

tp-submitted-notifications: The IDs of any Notifications submitted by this visitor. Used to track if a notification belongs to a visitor, and optionally prevent the visitor from seeing their own notification. Duration: 2 weeks

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