How to Connect Zapier with TrustPulse

Are you looking to connect TrustPulse to software with which we don’t have a native integration? Our Zapier integration allows you to connect TrustPulse to Zapier’s 500+ apps! Here we’ll show you how to set up TrustPulse as an action in Zapier to start connecting.

NOTE: Please be aware that Zapier has a free tier, but certain usage limits and integrations may require the paid version. They do provide a trial if you wish to try out their services to determine if they’re a good fit for your needs.
  1. Configure a Zapier Trigger
  2. Connect Zapier to TrustPulse
    1. Create a Campaign
    2. Configure the Zapier Integration
    3. Test Zapier Integration

Step 1 – Configure a Zapier Trigger

In Zapier, create a new zap and choose the trigger that you want to use for your TrustPulse campaign. For example, you can create a trigger for Shopify or WooCommerce that fires when someone makes a purchase. You could also connect to your email service provider so that it fires whenever someone subscribes to your email list.

In this example, we are going to use a Google Sheets trigger that fires whenever a new row is added to a specific Google sheet.

Google Sheets Trigger

Step 2 – Connect Zapier to TrustPulse

Step 1 – Create a Campaign

In TrustPulse, create or edit a campaign in your Dashboard. Then, go to the Capture Activity section.

Capture Activity Tab

Choose the Zapier option.

Zapier Option

Click Connect with Zapier.

Connect with Zapier
Step 2 – Configure the Zapier Integration

In Zapier, click Accept Invite & Build a Zap to use the TrustPulse app.

Accept Invite and Build a Zap

Then, in your Zapier Dashboard, edit the zap you created. In the Action step, choose the TrustPulse app.

Select TrustPulse App

Use the Create Notification option. Click Save + Continue.

Save Action and Continue

Use the Connect an Account option to connect to your TrustPulse account.

Click Connect an Account

In the modal that pops up, click your dashboard to retrieve your API key.

Click Your Dashboard

Copy your API key from the TrustPulse dashboard.

Copy the API Key

Paste the API key back in the modal that appeared. Then click Yes, continue.

Paste and Continue

Zapier will now connect to your TrustPulse account.

NOTE: Use the Test button to ensure Zapier and TrustPulse are connected successfully.

Click Save + Continue.

Click Save and Continue

Choose which TrustPulse campaign to use and match the trigger data with the corresponding fields in the TrustPulse Action template. Then click Continue.

Click Continue
Step 3 – Test Zapier Integration

Review the zap and click Send Test to TrustPulse.

Send Test to TrustPulse

Then, click Finish.

Click Finish

Finally, give your zap a name and turn it on.

Enable Zap

That’s it! You’ve connected your TrustPulse campaign to Zapier.

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