How to Connect Zapier with TrustPulse

Are you looking to connect TrustPulse to software with which we don’t have a native integration? Our Zapier integration allows you to connect TrustPulse to Zapier’s 5000+ apps! Here we’ll show you how to set up TrustPulse as an action in Zapier to start connecting.

NOTE: Please be aware that Zapier has a free tier, but certain usage limits and integrations may require the paid version. They do provide a trial if you wish to try out their services to determine if they’re a good fit for your needs.

Here are some things to know before you begin:

  • Learn how to get started with TrustPulse using these guides.
  • Learn how to add, edit and delete a site on TrustPulse with this guide.
  • Before getting started, you’ll need to either create a new campaign or edit an existing campaign. Check this guide for more details.
  • It is recommended that you have created a Zapier account and you are logged into your Zapier account in the same browser as that of your TrustPulse account before you start.


Step 1 – Create a TrustPulse Campaign for the Zapier Integration

1. Following the steps that are listed in this guide, create or edit a campaign.

2. In the Capture Activity settings of the guide, set the How would you like to capture activity? option to Zapier.

select Zapier as the Capture Activity option

3. Click on Save and return to your dashboard.

save after selecting zapier as the capture activity option

Step 2 – Configure the Zapier Integration


In Zapier, create a new zap and choose the trigger that you want to use for your TrustPulse campaign. For example, you can create a trigger for Shopify or WooCommerce that fires when someone makes a purchase. You could also connect to your email service provider so that it fires whenever someone subscribes to your email list.

In this example, we are going to use a Google Sheets trigger that fires whenever a new row is added to a specific Google sheet.

 NOTE: TrustPulse is an action-only app. This means while you would find us in the search bar, you cannot start a Zap with TrustPulse as it does not have any triggers.

1. From your Zapier dashboard, after logging in, click on the Create Zap button.

click the create zap button

2. Give your Zap an appropriate name.

give your zap a name

3. Search for your preferred trigger app if it is not visible from the list of apps already present and click on it to set up an appropriate trigger mechanism.

search for the zapier trigger application you want to use

4. Select a trigger event that fits your business needs. In this case, when a new spreadsheet row is added.

select the zapier trigger and event

5. Click on the Continue button to proceed to the next step.

continue after setting trigger parameters

6. Next, sign in to authenticate access to the trigger application that you selected. In this case, Google Sheets, through your Google Account.

authenticate the zapier connection to your trigger app

7. After allowing and agreeing to terms of information exchange between your personal trigger app (Google Sheets for this example) account and your Zapier account, you would observe successful connection by that account being listed and selected.

observe that the connected account is listed

8. Next, proceed to select the data sources available on your connected trigger app account to complete the trigger source selection then click on Continue.

set up the trigger with the data sources you want to use from your connected account

9. In the resulting step, Click the Test Trigger button to ensure that a proper authentication happened.

click on the test trigger button to test the trigger configuration

10. A sample piece of test data would be pulled from your selected trigger app account data source, inspect it to be sure that it represents what is actually on your account.

view the trigger test data

11. Click the Continue button after you have confirmed the test data is accurate to move to the Action Application settings.

click continue after testing your trigger

12. Search for TrustPulse in the Action App search bar and select the TrustPulse App.

search for trustpulse and select it from the action app list


13. Next, select TrustPulse’s only Action Event – Create Notification.

select create notification from the action event dropdown

14. Next, click the Continue button.

click the continue button after selecting the action event

15. Click on the Sign In to TrustPulse button, if you have not authenticated TrustPulse to connect with Zapier before.

click sign in to trustpulse to authenticate a connection to trustpulse from zapier

16. From the resulting modal, click the your dashboard link to access your TrustPulse API key to paste it into the provided textbox for authentication.

click the your dashboard link to access your TrustPulse API key

17. Copy the API Key from your TrustPulse dashboard.

copy the API Key from your TrustPulse Account

18. Paste in the API Key and Click the Yes, Continue button to confirm the authentication of TrustPulse to your Zapier account.

paste the api key and confirm the authorization

19. Next, on your Zap page, you would notice that TrustPulse is connected by having the connected account selected from the TrustPulse account dropdown. Click on the continue button after this is confirmed.

confirm the connected account and click continue

20. Next, select from the list of campaigns from your connected TrustPulse account. You can search for the campaign you want the Zap to be connected to. For this example, we would search for the campaign we created in step one, TrustPulse Zapier Connection.

search for the trustpulse campaign created for the zap

21. Fill in all the required fields and with data that is available from your trigger application.

fill in the required fields with data from the trigger zapier application

22. Next, click on the continue button

after inserting the required fields click on continue

23. Next, click the Test and Continue button

click on the test and continue button for the zap

24. After successful confirmation of the connection and data transmission from the Zap to TrustPulse, turn on the Zap using either the Turn On Zap button or the Ready to Turn your Zap On toggle button at the bottom of the page.

review the success message and turn on the zap

That’s it! You’ve connected your TrustPulse campaign to Zapier.

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