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[Announcement] Order Priority to Help You Boost Credibility FAST

The TrustPulse team has been working round the clock with one goal in mind: to make TrustPulse the easiest and most powerful social proof software on the market.

And with today’s new feature updates, we think you’ll agree that the team’s hard work paid off.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new feature that will help you get more conversions from your social proof notifications. Let’s check it out!

Order Priority for Social Proof Notifications

While the TrustPulse team was creating and testing various campaigns, one problem kept cropping up: the order in which new social proof notifications would display.

Now you can easily configure this with our Order Priority feature.

When you go to Display Settings » Show Advanced Settings. Then you’ll see the option Order Priority where you can determine the order you want that specific campaign to appear over others:

priority placement demo

This allows you to prioritize some of your social proof notifications above others.

In the end, that means you can show your most powerful campaigns first to get higher conversion rates. But how exactly does this help you boost conversions?

Imagine, for instance, you run an eCommerce store selling clothes. And you created a recent sales notification for most of your individual products.

That way, when a visitor sees a product they like in one of the notifications, they can click on it and go directly to the product page.

One of your most popular campaigns looks something like this:

TrustPulse social proof notification demo-

But then you run a special flash sale, and you want people to see that notification first. Not only do you think it’s an awesome sale, but you know that your stock is running low, and it will be over soon.

So you want to make sure as many of your site’s visitors see that message and have the chance to get the products they love.

You end up creating another notification that looks like this:

new demo for flash sale trustpulse example

You’re happy with the design, and you want as many people to see this specific campaign as possible. So you prioritize this campaign to appear first with just the click of a button.

That way, when users visit the website, this social proof notification will be the first thing they see.

Over time, this will lead to more sales opportunities for you and, ultimately, allows you to generate more revenue from your online store.

How to Start Using Social Proof With TrustPulse

One of the biggest problems we’ve heard from our users sounds something like this:

“I want to use social proof on my site… but I’m still so new that I don’t have any sales yet. Plus, my traffic is low, so I guess I’m not ready for social proof notifications right now.” 

This can be a vicious cycle because social proof works in the same way as money: it takes some to make some.

That’s why the TrustPulse team recently released a feature that allows users to create notifications for their site’s click history (called User Click):

user click screenshot

This means you can create messages that show how popular your site’s pages and web forms are, rather than relying on larger actions for social proof like sales, sign-ups, and so on.

So even if you have limited traffic, you can create notifications that look something like this:

social proof for user click with trustpulse

And by adding a link to the campaign, you can get even MORE people to check out your products.

These types of notifications will send more of your site’s visitors to product pages or landing pages. Eventually, that leads to more sales, which allows you to create other powerful forms of social proof for your site.

What’s Next? Visitor Analytics and Action Messages

TrustPulse is currently testing two new campaigns types:

  • Visitor Analytics: This will show users how many people have visited specific pages of your website
  • Action Messages: These are small static messages that help you keep customers up-to-date with sales, promotions, company information, and more

These new campaign types are sure to get your site more conversions, and they’re both perfect for websites that are just getting started with social proof.

That’s because neither of these campaign types requires users to fill out a form or take a specific action to display a notification.

Instead, these campaigns leverage all the power of social proof but don’t require you to have any sales or signups to work.

Both Visitor Analytics and Action Messages are still in testing, but we couldn’t be more excited to get them to you soon.

We’ll keep you updated on all of our progress, and let you know when these campaigns are available to our beta users.

That said, you can expect big things from TrustPulse in the upcoming year as we continue to improve upon what’s already the leading social proof software on the market.

But, again, everyone’s got to start somewhere.

And the TrustPulse team wanted to make sure that you get started on the right foot regardless of what stage of business you’re in.

Want to see if for yourself? Sign up for your risk-free TrustPulse account today!

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