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how to create a landing page for wordpress featured image

How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress (the Easy Way)

Do you want to learn how to create a landing page in WordPress, but you’re not sure where to get started? Landing pages can be one of a marketer’s most profitable tools. They concentrate your audience’s attention, give you a chance to showcase your product, and lead to higher conversions across your site. But hiring... Continue Reading
Featured image Jimdo social proof notifications

How to Create Social Proof Notifications for Jimdo

Do you want to create Jimdo social proof notifications to boost engagement and sales on your site? When you add these messages to your site, you can show people that your leads and customers are enjoying your content and products. In this tutorial, you will learn a quick and easy way to display social proof... Continue Reading
Featured image Ontraport FOMO notification

How to Create FOMO Notifications From New Ontraport Customers

Do you want to use Ontraport FOMO notifications to increase your sales? Adding FOMO is a quick way to create demand for your products. And if you’re using Ontraport to sell online, you can show FOMO notifications every time someone makes a purchase. This means when potential customers land on your site, they’ll see people... Continue Reading
Featured image GiveWP social proof notifications

How Social Proof Notifications can Increase GiveWP Donations

Are you looking for a quick, easy way to skyrocket your GiveWP donations? Then you should use social proof notifications. With GiveWP social proof notification, you can show off verified real-time activity like donations on your website. And this makes it a great tool for building trust and boosting contributions. In this tutorial, we’ll walk... Continue Reading
Featured image How to Create a Tumblr Social Proof Notification

How to Show Tumblr Social Proof Notifications (Right Way)

Do you want to use social proof notifications on your Tumblr blog to increase your conversions? Adding social proof is a quick, easy way to convince your website visitors that your site is worth their time. That’s why even the world’s biggest companies use it on their sites. The best thing is you can add... Continue Reading
Featured image How to Show Social Proof Notifications in Blogger

How to Show Social Proof Notifications in Blogger

Do you want to show social proof notifications in your Blogger blog to build your credibility online? By using social proof notifications, you can instantly boost your engagement and conversions. These small, but powerful, alerts show your site visitors that people just like them are signing up for your email list or buying your services.... Continue Reading
Socail proof notifications in drupal featured image

How to Create a Social Proof Notification in Drupal

Are you looking to build more trust with your audience and drive more sales from your Drupal site? An excellent (and instant) way to do so is to use social proof notifications. As you’ll see in this post, these small messages can make a big impact on your brand. The only tricky part is making... Continue Reading
Volusion Live Sales Notification Featured Image

How to Show Volusion Live Sales Notifications to Boost Profits

Do you want to add a live sales notification to your Volusion storefront but aren’t sure of the best software to use? Live sales notifications can be an excellent way to increase your profits and build instant trust with customers. But, like everything on your website, you need the right tools for the job to... Continue Reading
Prestashop social proof notifications Featured Image

How to Set up Prestashop Social Proof Notifications

Do you want to create social proof notifications for your Prestashop eCommerce store, but you’re not sure which software to use? Social proof notifications can be a powerful addition to your website. They strengthen brand awareness, boost trust with your customers, and drive sales. That’s why, in this post, we’ll walk you step-by-step on how... Continue Reading
Real-Time New User Notifications

How to Show Real-Time New User Notifications On Your Membership Site

Do you want to use real-time new user notifications to grow your membership site? Membership sites are perfect for you if want to monetize content and generate recurring income. Using a plugin like MemberPress, you can easily transform your existing site (or a part of it) into a fully-featured membership site. But maintaining and growing... Continue Reading
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