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How to Create FOMO Notifications for GetResponse Subscribers

Do you want to use FOMO notifications to increase your GetResponse subscribers?

GetResponse is email marketing software that lets you send personalized emails in bulk.

It’s everything you need to run targeted email campaigns to build better relationships with your customers.

And if you want even more subscribers, you should use FOMO notifications.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll know exactly how to create a FOMO notification that automatically boosts your mailing list.

What is a FOMO notification?

FOMO notifications are small popups that appear on your site to show your site visitors how people are engaging with your site in real-time.

The messages are generated by actual user activity on your site:

OptinMonster fomo notification

And these tiny alerts make a huge difference.

FOMO marketing has been proven to increase sales.

Why are FOMO notifications so effective?

FOMO marketing works because it’s based on the Fear of Missing Out, the psychological concept that as humans we don’t like getting left behind.

The feeling of slight anxiety when you see posts about someone’s holiday or party on social media?

That’s FOMO.

FOMO notifications trigger your audience’s desire to be kept in the loop.

This is closely linked to social proof, the idea that we’re influenced by the actions of other people.

When you get it right, these are great tools to encourage people to take action.

Put another way, FOMO notifications influence your site visitor’s behavior.

So, what do FOMO notifications have to do with growing your GetResponse subscribers?

Each time a new contact joins your GetResponse list, you can trigger a notification.

This is a real-time alert showing your site visitors that subscribers are joining your list.

If they see people just like them subscribing, they will want to sign up to.

This is closely linked to social proof, the concept that we’re influenced by the actions of other people.

FOMO notifications make it easy to use these powerful marketing techniques.

The best thing about these small, but powerful alerts is they require no effort from you at all.

Once you set up the notification, it’s generated automatically each time you get new signup.

So, it only takes five minutes to generate a constant stream of social proof and FOMO marketing on your website.

Adding GetResponse FOMO Notifications to Your Site

Adding FOMO notifications to your site is super simple.

Today, we’ll use TrustPulse to create this notification in less than five minutes flat.

GetResponse TrustPulse notification

TrustPulse lets you set up FOMO notifications easily with zero code.

And it’s totally free to get started. The free plan gives you 500 free sessions per month.

Sign up for TrustPulse here.

Let’s begin.

Step 1: Create Your Campaign

From your dashboard, click Create Campaign.

Create Trustpulse CampaignOn the next screen, you’ll need to:

  • Name your campaign
  • Assign it to your website

Trustpulse campaign details and type

After that, you can select a Campaign Type.

Here, you’ll have two options:

  • Recent Activity
  • On-Fire

What’s the right campaign for you?

Recent Activity campaigns show a live stream of activity on your site. So, each time a contact is added to your GetResponse account, a new notification is generated. This is great for registrations and signups.

Recent Activity calling customer by name

On-Fire campaigns track the number of people who convert on your site over a given period. These campaigns work well for events where you expect a large number of people to take action over a specific time. On-Fire FOMO notifications work well for things like flash sales, pre-orders, and time sensitive offers.

On-Fire campaign shows how many users bought something

Today, we’ll go with Recent Activity because we want to create a new notification whenever an individual subscriber signs up for our newsletter.

Choose recent activity TrustPulse

Once you’re done, hit Next Step.

Next Step screen TrustPulse

Step 2: Design Your GetResponse FOMO Notification

You can customize everything about your FOMO notification in a few minutes:

  • Language: the language your message will be displayed in
  • Refer to visitors as: a visitor alias when their actual name isn’t available
  • Message text: the copy in your notification
  • Message link: the page people will be sent when they click on your notification

You’ll be able to preview any changes in real-time in the bottom corner of your screen.

From here, you’ll be able to check exactly how the notification will be displayed to your site visitor.

All you have to do to modify anything about your notification is:

  • Add text to a field
  • Choose an option from the drop-down menu
  • Toggle a switch

That’s it.

TrustPulse Design and Appearance

It’s that easy to change your GetResponse FOMO notifications.

If you want to increase subscribers, you might add the link to your signup form on your site. This makes it easy for your subscribers to join your list immediately.

You have plenty of options to design your notification.

  • Notification image: choose from premade icons or upload your own
  • Notification position: decide where to display the notification on your screen
  • Notification corner style: choose from rounded or sharp edges

And more.

Below those options, you’ll be able to edit the Advanced Settings.

You can adjust the colors and fonts so they match your brand and your website.

TrustPulse Advanced Settings options_

Once you’re happy with the design of your notification, it’s time to capture your subscriber activity.

Step 3: Capture GetResponse Subscribers Activity

Now, we’re ready to create the trigger for our campaign.

That is the action that will make your notification appear.

You have two options on this screen:

  • AutoMagic
  • Zapier


Here’s what they mean:

  • AutoMagic: track activity on your site, so it’s great for things like sales and registrations
  • Zapier: shows actions from 1,000+ sources

Today, we’re going to use Zapier to connect TrustPulse and GetResponse.

Click Connect to Zapier.

Connect to Zapier Trustpulse

Once you’re in your Zapier account, click Accept & Build Zap.

Accept Zapier Trustpulse

You’ll now be in your Zapier dashboard.

Click Make a Zap.

Make a Zap in Zapier

Type GetResponse in the search bar.

Getresponse app in Zapier

Next, you’ll need to choose the event that will trigger your FOMO notification.

Select New Contact. This means you want to trigger a notification when a new contact is added to your GetResponse mailing list.

Choose Getresponse notification event

The next step is to give Zapier access to your GetResponse account.

You’ll need to add your API key in the window that pops up.

You can find your API key in your GetResponse account.

Getresponse API window Zapier

From your GetResponse dashboard, click Integrations and API.

GetResponse Menu API

Click API on the next screen.

Getresponse API select

Select Generate API.

Generate Getreponse API key

Now, copy the key.

GetResponse API Key

Paste the API key back in the Zapier window.

Add GetResponse key to Zapier window

You’ll now be back in Zapier.

Choose the GetResponse list.

Choose GetResponse list in Zapier

Finally, test your trigger.

Test GetResponse and Zapier trigger

Go ahead and click Continue to connect your GetResponse trigger with TrustPulse.

Getresponse continue button

Find and select TrustPulse from the list of apps.

Trustpulse App in Zapier

Choose Create Notification in TrustPulse.

Click Continue.

Trustpulse Zapier trigger Create Notification

Once you have connected your account, you can select your TrustPulse account from the drop-down menu.

Click Continue.

Choose Trustpulse account in Zapier and continue (1)

From the Campaign drop-down menu, select the notification you want to appear. This is the campaign you created in TrustPulse.

GetResponse campaign in TrustPulse dropdown

Match the trigger information you want to display with the fields in TrustPulse.

You can test the Zap. This will send a test notification to your website.

Zapier TrustPulse test

Once you’re happy everything is working, go ahead and Turn on Zap.

Turn zap on zapier

It’s time to display your GetResponse FOMO notification.

Step 4: Display Your GetResponse FOMO Notification

You can choose from the options under the dropdown menu, Where should we display your notifications?

By default, your notification will appear on every page.

But, you can target specific pages to show your campaign anywhere you want to.

New User Notification Display Rule_

You can also edit your display settings to:

  • Delay (in seconds) before showing first notification
  • Display Duration (in seconds)
  • Delay Between Notifications (in seconds)

Once you’re done, the next step is to publish your campaign.

Step 5: Publish Your FOMO Notification

You can preview your campaign on this screen to make sure it looks exactly the way you want.

If this is your first campaign, you might need to connect your site.

Connecting your site is easy no matter which website platform your use.

Learn how to integrate your WordPress site with TrustPulse in this article.

Not using WordPress? Check this guide for adding TrustPulse to any website.

When you’re ready, click Launch Your TrustPulse campaign.

Launch GetResponse TrustPulse notification

That’s it!

We hope you found our guide on adding FOMO notifications to your site from your GetResponse list helpful.

Ready to increase conversions on your site? Sign up for TrustPulse today.

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