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11 Best Social Proof Tools to Explode Your Conversions

Are you looking for the best social proof tools to build trust and boost sales? The most successful online businesses know social proof is a powerful tool to convince customers they’re credible. Social proof shows people you already have plenty of happy, satisfied customers. And as a website owner, there’s plenty of tools you can... Continue Reading
Social proof with gravity forms Featured image with Gravity Logo

How to Enable Social Proof With Gravity Forms (Step by Step)

Do you want to use the power of social proof to increase your subscribers? Social proof is a stamp of approval online. When your site visitors see others signing up for your newsletter, they’re more likely to check it out for themselves. Now, if you’re using Gravity Forms, you can create FOMO notifications to display... Continue Reading
Types of Web Notifications Featured Image

7 Types of Web Notifications to Increase UX and Boost Sales

Are you looking for the best types of web notifications to keep your visitors up-to-date? Or maybe you’re simply looking for ways to improve user experience (UX). Whatever your motivation, web notifications can be an excellent way to help out your customers and keep them engaged with your site. That’s because when it comes to... Continue Reading
Squarespace social proof notification featured

How to Show Squarespace Social Proof Notifications to Build Trust

Do you want to build instant credibility with visitors on your Squarespace site? By using Squarespace social proof notifications, you can show how people are positively interacting with your website in real-time. When your site’s visitors see this, they’ll view your brand as more credible. This, in turn, will motivate them to interact more positively... Continue Reading
Low Stock Notification WooCommerce Featured Image

How to Add a Low Stock Notification to WooCommerce

Do you want to keep customers informed by letting them know when certain products are almost out of stock? As your online store becomes more popular, inventory management can become more complex. And to keep user experience (UX) high, you want to make sure your customers never miss out on the products they want. That’s... Continue Reading
Social Prooft Notifications Weebly Featured Image Updated

How to Show Weebly Social Proof Notifications to Foster Trust

Do you want to add a social proof notification to your Weebly site to instantly boost trust? Business owners face an interesting dilemma. When a customer visits your online store for the first time, they may not trust your site enough to make a purchase. But if they leave, they’re statistically unlikely to come back.... Continue Reading
BigCommerce Live Sales Notification Featured Image

How to Show BigCommerce Live Sales Notifications to Boost Sales

Are you looking for small, practical changes you can make to your website that will have a big impact on your overall sales? Live sales notifications are a proven way of boosting sales across your online store. They’re easy to set up, simple to customize, and build instant credibility with potential customers. That’s why, today,... Continue Reading
Social proof with elementor Featured Image-min

How to Add Social Proof Notifications to Elementor

Do you want to add social proof to web pages you’ve built with Elementor? Social proof notifications can be an excellent way to increase engagement and sales on your site. That’s why, today, we’re going to teach you how to use social proof notifications for your own website. More specifically, we’ll teach you why you... Continue Reading
Featured Image_Fomo notifcations -min

How to Create FOMO Notifications for AWeber Subscribers

Do you want to use FOMO notifications to increase your AWeber subscribers? AWeber is a powerful email marketing software for sending highly targeted emails to your subscribers. By running email marketing campaigns with AWeber, you can: Build longlasting relationship with your users Increase return visits Grow sales and revenue But if you want email marketing... Continue Reading
FOMO Notification Featured Image

How to Create a FOMO Notification from WordPress Comments

Do you want to use the power of FOMO to increase the number of readers and comments on your WordPress blog? FOMO (fear of missing out) can be an effective tool to engage your site’s casual browsers. And creating a FOMO notification may be just what you need to boost the number of people who... Continue Reading
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