How to Create a Visitor Analytics Campaign in TrustPulse

Use visitor analytics to highlight active interest in your site by showing real page visits over time.

In this article, you will learn how to create a Visitor Analytics campaign to capture the number of unique visits on your site over a period of time.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin:

  • Visitor Analytics requires a Plus subscription or higher.
  • Each Visitor Analytics Campaign will begin collecting data as soon as your campaign is live on your site.

Create a Visitor Analytics Campaign

1. First, click the Create Campaign button on your dashboard.Select Create Campaign to create a new campaign

2. Next, name your campaign with what kind of activity you want to capture. In this example you are creating a campaign to “Show sitewide page views”.

3. Then select the site where you will be capturing visitor data.

Set the name of your campaign and what site will capture data

4. Make sure to select Visitor Analytics from the available Campaign Types and click on the Next Step button.

Set Analytics campaign type

5. From here you can customize the appearance and design of your campaign.

Analytics campaign type appearance settings

6. Optionally visit the “Display Rules” and update the setting “Number of days to aggregate” to change the time period used to count the displayed information.

Adjust the aggregated time for the On-Fire type campaign

Tip: If you only want to show analytics above a threshold open Advanced Settings and set the number in Minimum Activity before displaying.

7. Now Click on the Save button to save your changes so far.

8. For the last step click on the Publish button and then Launch your TrustPulse campaign. TrustPulse will now capture visitor sessions and you are super charging your site with social proof!


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