How to Integrate TrustPulse with Squarespace

TrustPulse can work with any website. The best social proof tool works on Squarespace too! This guide will show you how you can integrate the power of TrustPulse into your Squarespace site.

Create a Campaign

The first step is to create a campaign. Once your campaign has been created you’ll be provided with the embed code to add to your Squarespace site.

See this guide on creating and editing your campaign for a step-by-step walkthrough if this is your first time creating a campaign.

Paste the Embed Code

Once you’ve created your campaign, navigate to the Publish tab from the campaign edit screen and copy the embed code for your campaign.

In general, we suggest adding your TrustPulse embed code to the footer of your site when possible.

When it comes to embedding code on Squarespace, it is best to follow their latest instructions for injecting code on your Squarespace site. Squarespace’s guide shows you how to add code to all the pages on your site or to a single page.

Head on over to and login into your account. To add the campaign embed code to your site navigate to Settings > Advanced, and then select Code Injection.

Squarespace Footer Code Injection

Click Save to apply the changes.

Now, return to the Publish tab of the TrustPulse campaign editor and select the Check Now button to confirm your embed code is correctly placed on your Squarespace site.

Click Check Now

TrustPulse will confirm if the embed code is correctly added to your site, then you can Launch your campaign!

You can now navigate to the front-end of your Squarespace site and test your TrustPulse campaign!

If you’re serious about supercharging your website with social proof then get started with TrustPulse today!

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