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[Announcement] New Updates for Better Functionality and Support

We’ve been working behind the scenes to make TrustPulse better for you. Over the past few months, we’ve implemented a series of new updates to improve functionality and support.

We want you to know that we’re always working on delivering a better product to our users, and we’ll continue to fight for your success.

Here’s exactly what we did, and how it helps you:

✅ We updated features to be more accurately limited based on the plan level.

How this helps: You get more clarity on the features included in your plan, and where the limits are so there are no surprises.

✅ We updated the documentation to be more user friendly. Additionally, we made it easier for our team to receive and implement feedback.

How this helps: You are able to get answers to your questions much faster, and our team can implement the feedback you share with more precision.

✅ We added Czech and traditional Chinese as a language option, and fixed an issue with the Italian translation.

How this helps: You can start building more trust with segments of your audience that speak these languages, or tap into new markets that were not previously available.

✅ We fixed the issue of zip codes not always generating a location

How this helps: All your location-based notifications show with pinpoint precision to the right audience.

✅ We improved out backend processes to shorter the time it takes for us to see errors

How this helps: We’re now able to find and fix problems at a much faster pace, which adds an extra layer of protection and guarantees the continuous functionality of TrustPulse.

✅ We created a support dashboard for our Customer Success team where each support ticket is tagged with all the information needed to offer help faster

How this helps: Our Customer Success team will be able to offer you personalized support from the very start without you having to answer a ton of questions. This means your tickets will be solved even faster than before, with less hassle.

✅ We limited Free users to 1500 lifetime sessions instead of a monthly limit.

How this helps: If you’re a Free user, it’s much easier for you to plan your usage knowing there’s a clear cut limit for your sessions, that’s not related to a specific timeframe.

✅ We fixed an issue that stopped the billing page from loading for some users

How this helps: You are able to access the billing page whenever you want.

✅ We made an AWS update so that things would continue working after some functionality was deprecated

How this helps: Your TrustPulse app always runs as fast and securely as possible.

✅ We updated the WooCommerce integration.

How this helps: You can now see and test if your WooCommerce webhooks are working properly.

We care about YOUR SUCCESS, and making these updates is just the beginning. 

We’re constantly working on creating new ways to help you build trust with your market, increase engagement, and boost conversions.

We have dozens of high-converting features and the best customer service team in the entire market.

And more updates are in the process of coming out.

So if you have a e-commerce website and you want to instantly boost sales by up to 15% or more, you’re just one click away from getting a crazy good ROI.

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As always, we’re grateful for your continued support of TrustPulse, and we look forward to bringing you even more ways to grow your business as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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