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[Announcement] 2 NEW Types of Campaigns Now Live

At TrustPulse, our mission is to empower small businesses to increase engagement, boost conversions, and drive more sales with social proof.

That’s why we couldn’t be more excited about releasing 2 new types of campaigns:

  • Visitor Analytics
  • Action Messages

Let’s take a look at each new type of campaign to learn how it can specifically help you grow your business.

Visitor Analytics

Many of our customers had shared a common problem with us. They wanted to use social proof on their website but didn’t know how because their site was so new.

This is one of the trickiest parts of social proof.

If you don’t have any, it can be difficult to get more. But once you have a little social proof working for you, things are infinitely easier.

We wondered: is there a way to let totally new websites leverage the power of social proof notifications, even if the site hasn’t made a single sale.

That’s where our Visitor Analytics campaign comes into play.

This campaign type lets you track the number of page visits across your site. They look something like this:

user activity tp demo

Before we dive into how our Visitor Analytics campaign can specifically work for you, there are a few things you should know.

First, this campaign type is just as easy to configure as all other TrustPulse campaigns. The notifications can be created in a matter of minutes with absolutely zero coding skills.

Second, these campaigns reflect only genuine and authentic pageviews across your site. TrustPulse doesn’t use fake social proof notifications.

With the Visitor Analytics campaign, you’ll NEVER need to rely on fake social proof, either.

Finally, Visitor Analytics lets you capture pageviews from:

  • Across your site
  • Specific URLs
  • Categories of URLs
  • And more…

visitor analytics capture activity

But now, you may be wondering, “how can counting the number of pageviews on my site increase conversions?

That part’s simple: it lets you show how popular your posts and pages are even before you make a sale or get a concrete conversion.

Imagine, for example, that you’re running a contest on your website. The problem is that you’re a relatively new site, you don’t get TONS of traffic, and you only have a few people who’ve signed up for your online giveaway.

That means you don’t have a ton of support to work with for traditional social proof notifications.

But with a Visitor Analytics campaign, you can show how popular your contest is overall with a campaign that looks something like this:

trustpulse visitor analytics demo-min

Rather than showcasing how many people have signed up (the conversion you want), you can show how much buzz your contest is generating.

You accomplish this by displaying the number of people who visited the contest’s page.

Visitor Analytics campaigns allow you to quickly and easily increase:

  • Webinar signups
  • Newsletter signups
  • Online contests
  • Pageviews for blogs or popular product pages
  • Direct sales

And much more. And the best part is that you don’t need to have tons of traffic or sales to get started.

From day 1, you can use Visitor Analytics to achieve the marketing goals you’ve outlined for your new site. With that in mind, let’s turn to our second new campaign type: Action Messages.

Action Messages

Here’s the really cool thing about social proof notifications: they’re such a flexible tool that they can be used in a countless number of ways to improve conversions on your site.

These messages look professional, they’re non-intrusive, and they boost user experience (UX) by acting as a call-to-action (CTA) button.

Yes, every social proof notification with TrustPulse can be clicked to redirect users exactly where you want them to.

We felt there was an opportunity to help businesses even more.

Instead of showing notifications based on how others interact with your site, we wondered if these notifications couldn’t be used for business owners to communicate directly with their site’s traffic.

And that’s when our Action Message campaigns were born:

action messages trustpulse demo

These are static notifications that are as subtle as they are effective.

And just like the Visitor Analytics campaign we just covered, Action Message notifications:

  • Can be set up in minutes with zero coding experience
  • Can be placed on any (or every) page of your website

This allows you to send messages to your site’s traffic about upcoming sales, company updates, product releases, and much more.

And since you can put these notifications on any page of your website, you’re able to personalize your content and marketing strategy. That means higher user experience (UX) across your site and, typically, more conversions for you.

But how can Action Message campaigns specifically help you grow your business?

These campaigns can be used to accomplish literally any of your marketing goals. You could, for example, use an Action Message campaign to:

  • Inform customers about new product releases
  • Announce an upcoming monthly newsletter
  • Make special offers or promotional deals like free shipping

And much more. In fact, these static notifications mean that the sky is the limit for your marketing strategy. You could, for example, add an “Easter Egg” to gamify your website.

Easter eggs are small prizes hidden across your site. When a visitor “finds the egg,” they can click on it to get the prize.

All you would need to do is create a campaign that looks something like this:

hidden easter egg across your site with trustpulse

You’d then link this notification to a landing page where users can enter their email address to redeem the prize.

This is just one example of ways you can use Action Message campaigns creatively to reach your site’s goals.

More commonly, these messages would be used to inform your site’s traffic about new deals, promotions, or news about your business.

A more typical Action Message would likely look like this:

trustpulse demo of standard action message

When users click the notification, they’d be redirected to your online course’s landing page.

In the end, this means you get to guide the conversation to lead your site’s traffic further down your sales funnel.

What These 2 Campaigns Have in Common

You might have noticed something about our new campaign types: neither of them requires you to have loads of social proof to start with!

As we said at the start of this post, many of our customers wanted to use social proof right out of the gate. But getting those initial conversions proved either too difficult or too discouraging over time.

But now, you can get started with social proof notifications with either Visitor Analytics or Action Messages.

All you need to do is sign up and get started. Then you can leverage social proof notifications in minutes to reach your site’s marketing goals FASTER.

That’s all for today, but stay on the lookout for even more great features to come.

Ready to get started? Sign up for your 100% risk-free TrustPulse account today!

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