Getting Started with TrustPulse

To get the most out of TrustPulse, we’ve put together the following checklist to guide you through creating your first campaign.

  1. Create Your First Campaign
  2. Connect a Zapier Integration (Optional)
  3. Configure Your Campaign’s Display Settings (Optional)
  4. Embed Your Campaign on Your Site

Create Your First Campaign

To get started, the first step is to create your first campaign.

Connect a Zapier Integration (Optional)

If you would like to expand the action tracking functionality of your TrustPulse campaigns, you can connect to Zapier. Note that this step is optional and you can still use TrustPulse’s native behavior tracking.

Configure Your Campaign’s Display Settings (Optional)

By default, your TrustPulse campaigns will display on every page of your website after a few seconds as well as on mobile devices.

If you would like to adjust the campaign’s display settings, you can go to the Display Rules tab.

Display Rules Tab

Embed Your Campaign on Your Site

When you’re ready to make your campaign live, add your embed code to your website.

Make sure to launch your campaign as well in the Publish tab!

If you’re serious about supercharging your website with social proof then get started with TrustPulse today!

Get Started with TrustPulse

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