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How to Add a Live Sales Notification for WooCommerce to Increase Sales

Do you want to add a live sales notification for WooCommerce to increase your overall sales?

Live sales notifications can be an effective form of social proof that enhances sales by up to 15%. And yet, many business owners don’t know how to use this powerful tool to their advantage.

So, today, we’re going to teach you exactly how to set up a live sales notification on WordPress for your WooCommerce store.

But first, let’s get clear on what live sales notifications are and why they’re so effective.

What Is a Live Sales Notification?

A live sales notification is a small popup that displays to your site’s visitors any time someone has made a purchase on your website.

You’ve likely seen these before. They look something like this:

TrustPulse social proof notification demo-

They’re an effective way of building your brand’s credibility online and give your marketing strategy the following benefits:

  • Better UX for your customers,
  • More Credibility for your brand,
  • Higher Conversions for your business,
  • Larger Profits for YOU.

Why are these effective? Because they show your site’s visitors that people are actually buying your products.

This instills a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) among your other guests and motivates them to take action.

And since others have completed their purchases first, your new customers will feel more confident in doing business with you.

Not totally sure that they work? TrustPulse users have seen instant boosts in sales by up to 15%!

That’s why, for this tutorial, we’ll be using TrustPulse:


TrustPulse is hands down the best social proof plugin for WordPress.

As you’ll see, it allows you to create various social proof notifications that increase conversions and sales across your site.

Plus, it doesn’t require any coding skills to install, design, and embed custom notifications for your online store.

That means literally anyone can have live sales notifications up and running on their site in a matter of minutes.

These WooCommerce recently purchased product notifications are a sure-fire way of building more trust and generating more revenue.

Ready to get started? Sign up for your 100% risk-free TrustPulse account today!

Adding a Live Sales Notification to WordPress

The first thing you need to do is log into your TrustPulse account.

Click Create Campaign in the top right corner of your dashboard:

Create a new campaign in TrustPulse

There are 5 steps to creating your live sales notification for WooCommerce:

5 stages of building your trustpulse campaign

  • Campaign Type
  • Appearance & Design
  • Capture Activity
  • Display Rules
  • Publish

Let’s begin with Campaign Type.

1)  Choose a Live Sales Notification Campaign

At this stage, you need to give your campaign a name, select the site that you want to use your WooCommerce live sales notification for, and select your campaign type.

For your campaign type, you have 2 options:

  • Recent Activity: Display the recently purchased products from your WooCommerce store with a clickable link to the product page.
  • On-Fire: Show the number of people taking action on your website in a given period.
  • Visitor Analytics: Highlight active interest in your site by showing real page visits over time.
  • Action Message: Display a single static notification to help drive visitors to take action or highlight information.

campaign types in trustpulse-min

Each of these campaigns helps you accomplish a different purpose.

On-Fire campaigns, for example, are great for running popular promotions like flash sales or seasonal offers.

Visitor Analytics and Action Messages are also great solutions for leveraging social proof before you’ve made any sales.

These let you show popular pages on your site or redirect users to dedicated landing pages that are more likely going to lead to a purchase.

For today’s tutorial, though, we’ll choose Recent Activity.

These are the best campaigns for creating a live sales notification.

Now it’s time to customize the look of your message.

2) Customize Your Live Sales Notification

At this stage, you’ll make your live sales notification look and say exactly what you want it to.


You can change your campaign’s:

  • Language
  • User display name (for the rare cases when we can’t identify a buyer’s name)
  • Message text
  • Message link
  • Notification image

And more. That last one (notification image), is an awesome resource to modify for products to be shown.

If you’re selling a specific item, such as shoes, you can change the image from its default map setting to display a particular product:

Upload custom image to your live sales notification for woocommerece

This visual cue can reinforce the popularity of that product and convert hesitant buyers.

Also, under Advanced Settings, you can change the fonts and color scheme of your campaign to make it match your branding:

Advanced Display Settings

At TrustPulse, we allow users to customize every aspect of their campaigns.

Once you’ve designed the perfect live sales notification on WordPress for your WooCommerce store, it’s time to set up when the sales notification will display.

In this case, that will be any time someone makes a purchase in your WooCommerce shop.

3) Capture Sales Activity

Here, you have 2 options to capture activity for your campaign:

  • AutoMagic
  • Zapier


AutoMagic captures activity taken exclusively on your site. This can include things like users signing up for your monthly newsletter, making a purchase, and more.

Everything is contained to actions taken on your specific domain name.

Zapier can display actions related to your brand but taken on different websites. You could, for example, display a campaign whenever someone leaves you a new Google My Business review.

To create our WordPress live sales notification for WooCommerce, we’ll choose AutoMagic:


And the next step is where we’ll be prompted to show which activity we want to capture for our live sales notification.

You’ll see the question What website activity should we watch for? and a dropdown field box of options.

What website activity should we watch for?

You have many options to choose from, including Form Activity from:

  • Exact URLs
  • URLs containing specific text
  • URLs matching a pattern (regular expression)
  • Any page

And more.

For this tutorial, we’re going to keep the default setting Form Activity from exact URLs:

Form Activity from exact URLs

Then just below this dropdown menu, you can enter the exact URL you want to track. For your WooCommerce store, this will be your checkout page where your customers make their purchase.

Most WooCommerce stores have the following URL formula for their checkout page:

Here’s an example from The Good Batch, a New York-based bakery that uses WooCommerce to sell its products:

Live sales notification for woocommerce - URL for checkout

So, in most cases, tracking live sales notifications for your WooCommerce store is a matter of leaving the default setting Form Activity from exact URLs and adding the word checkout to your domain in the field below:

Track live sales notifications on the checkout page

After that, it’s time to choose your display rules.

4) Decide Where to Show the Sales Notification

Once you’ve captured sales activity for your WooCommerce site, you’ll need to decide where and when your notification should be displayed.

You have tons of options for this, including customizing the Display on:

  • Any page
  • Exact URLs
  • URLs containing specific text
  • URLs matching a patternDisplay-Notificaiton-Settings-in-TrustPulse

And more. With TrustPulse, you can display live sales notifications anywhere on your site that you find most effective for increasing sales.

Then, you can customize your settings to include display duration, how much time should be between notifications, whether or not your notifications should appear on mobile devices, and so on.

TrustPulse social proof notification display settings_

All these decisions will depend on your products, your brand, where your users are shopping from most (desktop, tablet, and mobile), and other variables unique to your WooCommerce store.

If you’re not sure where to begin, we highly recommend starting with the default settings.

Then, over time, you can test minor changes to see if they enhance sales until you’ve created the perfect system for your unique online store.

Now, in the same tab, you’ll also see Advanced Settings where you can explore more options.

advanced settings trustpulse

One of the standouts features here is Order Priority which lets you prioritize your campaigns. So for instance, you may want to set up a new campaign for a flash sale and want these notifications to take priority for the duration of the sale.

This lets you decide the order in which your campaigns are displayed.

Now there’s just one step left: publish!

5) Publish Live Sales Notification on WordPress

At this final stage, you’ll see a preview of your campaign so you can see it before going live.


You’ll also get a warning message if your site isn’t connected to TrustPulse yet:

Your Site is Not connected - check now

If not, you’ll have to get your site connected with TrustPulse. Fortunately, doing so is super easy. Just follow this guide on how to add TrustPulse to any website.

When you’re ready, all you need to do is hit Launch your TrustPulse Campaign:

And that’s it! You now have a live sales notification for WooCommerce that was set up in a matter of minutes. If needed, you can go back and modify your campaign at any time.

With TrustPulse, you can create a recent sales notification for WordPress or any other platform you use for your website.

It’s also your best option if you’re looking for a WooCommerce notification plugin because it’s easy to use, highly customizable, and has a killer reputation.

We can’t emphasize that last point enough.

That’s because there are tons of fake sales notification plugins and software on the market. But when your customers learn that your live sales feed is fake, you’ll have a hard time earning back their trust.

But with TrustPulse, our sales popups are 100% genuine, credible, and trustworthy so you can maximize sales on your site.

And with that, you should have everything to create live sales notifications for WooCommerce. We hope you liked this post, and if you did, you may also want to check out our comparison of the best eCommerce plugins to grow your business.

If you’re ready to boost your sales and conversions right away, join TrustPulse today.

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