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Featured image How to Create a Tumblr Social Proof Notification

How to Show Tumblr Social Proof Notifications (Right Way)

Do you want to use social proof notifications on your Tumblr blog to increase your conversions?

Adding social proof is a quick, easy way to convince your website visitors that your site is worth their time.

That’s why even the world’s biggest companies use it on their sites.

The best thing is you can add a social proof notification to your Tumblr site in five minutes or less. No code needed.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll know exactly how to show Tumblr social proof notifications.

What are Social Proof Notifications?

Social proof notifications are small but attention-grabbing messages that appear on your site.

These popups are displayed when people take action on your site.

TrustPulse example social proof notification on home page

Examples of the kind of activity you might want to track on Tumblr include:

  • Purchases
  • Course registrations
  • Newsletter signups

But let’s quickly look at why you should display social proof notifications at all just so we’re on the same page.

The reality is your site visitors aren’t sure if they can trust you. So, it’s understandable that they’re not going to instantly believe every claim on your site.

How do you prove your site is trustworthy?

Using social proof.

Social proof eases the minds of customers who might be hesitant to take action on your site. It’s the psychological principle that we’re more likely to do something if other people are doing it too.

Now, whether we realize it or not, we are influenced by others. When we’re unsure about our decisions, we look to the behavior of other people for clues on what to do next.

For example, imagine you’re looking for a place to eat in a new city. You spot a busy restaurant filled with patrons. Next door, the eatery is completely deserted. Which one are you more likely to try?

Of course, you’d go to the busy restaurant. That’s a classic example of social proof.

But how exactly do these tactics apply to you and your site?

Take any big website and you’ll see:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Influencer marketing
  • Product ratings

That’s all social proof in action.

Let’s say you’re using notifications to show when someone has registered for your course. These notifications send the signal that others are getting value from your course and might be all someone needs to make the purchase.

Social proof notification code

It all comes down to this: social proof convinces your site visitors that people, people just like them, trust you.

So, to sum up, social proof notifications on your Tumblr site help you:

  • Build trust
  • Validate your customer’s decision to buy from you/sign up to your newsletter

Including social proof notifications has allowed many businesses to increase their sales.

You can increase your conversions by up to 15%. Plus, it only takes 5 minutes to create a notification that can make such a big difference to your online business.

Ready to build your Tumblr social proof notification?

Let’s begin.

How to Add Social Proof Notifications to Tumblr

In this article, we will be using TrustPulse.

TrustPulse is a great tool to easily implement social proof without writing any code:

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Syncs effortlessly with any platform

TrustPulse example notification on home page

Get TrustPulse here.

Once you sign up for your TrustPulse account, you’ll first need to add your Tumblr account:

Add Your First Site to TrustPulse

Go ahead and add your site’s domain and name.

Add a new Site-min

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Choose Your Notification Type

From your dashboard, choose Create Campaign.

Create Trustpulse Campaign

On the next screen, you’ll need to do two things

  • Name your campaign
  • Select your site

TrustPulse Name Campaign

After you’ve done that, you’ll select the type of notification you’ll display on your Tumblr site.

Here, you have two options:

  • Recent Activity
  • On-Fire Notifications


A Recent Activity notification is a live stream of the actions of individual site visitors. So, each time a new user registers for your course, sign up for your list, or take any specified action, a notification is triggered.

Recent Activity calling customer by name

On-Fire campaigns, on the other hand, show the actions of a group of people over a specific time. This would be great for a flash sale or any other promotion where you expect lots of people to take action at the same time.

On-Fire campaign shows how many users bought something

Today, we will go with Recent Activity.

Choose recent activity TrustPulse

When you’re ready, go ahead and click Next Step.

TrustPulse Next Step

Step 2: Customize Your Tumblr Social Proof Notification

You can adjust everything about your notification to make sure it matches your website and brand.

The default notification is visible in the corner of your screen. This makes it easy to see your changes as you make them.


Know that you can make slight tweaks or change everything about notification. It’s entirely up to you and it’s incredibly easy to do.

All you have to do is add text to a field box, choose an option from a dropdown menu, or toggle a switch.

TrustPulse Design and Appearance of social proof notification

Here’s some of the key things you should keep in mind:

  • Refers to Visitors as: If your site visitor’s name is available, it will be displayed. But you can also choose an alias, like “New Subscriber”.
  • Message text: This is the copy in your notification. It describes the action the person took to trigger the notification.
  • Message link: This is the page you visitor will be sent to when they click your notification. For this example, we’d want our visitors to check out our course landing page or registration page.

In addition to the content of the notification, there’s also the design of the notification.

By default, the notification is compact and has rounded edges, but if you prefer you can choose sharp edges:

TrustPulse social proof notification sharp corner style

Or the expanded version:

Expanded TrustPulse social proof notification
You’ll also be able to change the image or upload one yourself.

TrustPulse Notification image options

From Advanced Settings, you can adjust:

  • Background color
  • Font color
  • Font size

And more.

TrustPulse Advanced Settings options_

We only provided a few examples here.

Remember that you can modify anything about your notification easily.

Once you’re happy with the design of your social proof notification, you can click Next Step.

TrustPulse Next Step

Step 3: Capture Activity on Your Tumblr Site

In this step, you can control the kind of activity you want to track. In other words, we’ll determine the action that will show your notification.

You have two options:

  • AutoMagic
  • Zapier

AutoMagic captures all onsite activity.  Zapier tracks action from more than 1,000 sources off your site. For example, you can trigger a notification when someone leaves you a review on Google Reviews or recommends you on Facebook.

Today, we’ll go with Zapier. And we’ll use JotForm to take form submissions, in this case for our course registrations.

TrustPulse Trigger options Zapier

Click Connect with Zapier.

Connect to Zapier Trustpulse

A new window will appear. Click Accept Invitation and Build a Zap.

Accept Zapier Trustpulse

From your Zapier dashboard, click Make a Zap.

Make a Zap in Zapier

On the next page, type JotForm in the search bar and click on the app.

Find JotForm in Zapier

Now, choose New Submission for the event trigger.

Select JotForm New Submission in Zapier

Add your JotForm account and click Continue.

Continue after adding JotForm account

Now, you can check the trigger works or move to the next step. That’s to connect TrustPulse and JotForm.

From the list of Zapier apps, find TrustPulse.

Trustpulse App in Zapier

Choose Create Notification.

Trustpulse Zapier trigger Create Notification

Click Continue and choose your TrustPulse account from the dropdown.

Choose Trustpulse account in Zapier and continue (1)

Next, select the notification you want to appear.

Choose Tumblr social proof notification in Zapier

Fill the fields you want the notification to display,.

Tumblr social proof notification fields in Zapier_

Now, you can test your Zap, and once you’re happy, switch on your Zap.

Turn zap on zapier


Once you’re done, click Next Step.

TrustPulse Next Step

Step 4: Display Your Social Proof Notification

By default, your social proof notification will display on every page of your Tumblr site.

But you can adjust these display settings to control exactly where your notification will appear.

Head over to the section labeled Where should we display your notifications?

Social proof notification display rules

Then, you can also decide how long the notification should display and whether you want to show your notifications on mobile.

New User Notification Settings

Once you are ready, click Next Step.

TrustPulse Next Step

Step 5: Publish Your Tumblr Notification

You’ll now be in the Publish tab.

Your Tumblr site won’t be connected yet. Don’t worry. It only takes a few clicks to connect your site.

TrustPulse site not connected

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and copy the embed code.

social proof notification embed code

Head over to Tumblr and log into your account.

Click the person icon and select Edit Appearance.

Tumblr Edit Appearance

From Website Theme, click Edit Theme.

Tumblr Edit Theme

Next, click Edit HTML in the left.

Tumblr Edit HTML to add social proof notification

Now, you will see the HTML of your site.

Paste the embed code just before the closing </body> tag.

Paste TrustPulse social proof notification embed code in Tumblr

Now,  head back to TrustPulse and click Check Now to make sure your site is connected.

TrustPulse site not connected

Once you’re ready, you can publish your campaign.

Launch TrustPulse campaign

And that’s it. Your visitors will now see your social proof notification.

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